underwear Made of swedish wood

Designed to suit those of us who are drawn to comfort and subtlety. And are intrigued by the dark and the raw that we experience in the Swedish forests. Those of us who seek a soul in everything we associate with, and wear.

This is Allvar. Underwear originating in Swedish wood. Carefully processed from the trees, to a fabric of the highest quality. Designed to achieve the highest comfort. Contoured to fit like you want it to.

Allvar. Wear it. And enjoy the raw senses that fill the forests.

The spirit of the forests lives on. 

“We don’t shun away from the dark and the mysterious”.

Forests of Swedish pine and spruce trees. Beautiful and calming, and yet, dark and threatening. Trees that have been growing up to a hundred years. That hold the history of our ancestors. Now we are making underwear of them. That has a very powerful effect on me.

In Swedish, Allvar means seriousness. It is inspired by the seriousness found in the dark and raw forests. To me, seriousness is central to who we are. It adds to our ability to deal with the uncertainties in our lives.

We don’t shun away from the dark and the mysterious, but instead accept it. And see it as a vital part of our existence. As vital as underwear, and Allvar.

Niklas Gilmark, Business Director

“Allvar embodies subtlety, designed in monochrome colours“.  

To succeed in fashion, you need a good product and a good story. And we have a great story. It adds a dimension to Allvar that other brands simply do not have.

The most exciting element is the fact that the fabric has been created from scratch. We have captured the Swedish forests, and traced its wood, through to textile fibre. And created a completely new fabric.

Our starting point for the design is the type of underwear we like ourselves. These of course, are already available. Therefore, the design process has focused on fabric and packaging. In order to capture a sensation.

- Stefan Söderberg, Creative Director  


It has been of the highest priority for Allvar to secure the traceability of the Swedish forests and have a sustainable value chain. Therefore, Stefan and Niklas have established relations with all the actors in the value chain. And have built a solid base of knowledge of the various production procedures and techniques.

All this meticulous gathering of knowledge and connections has taken a lot more time and resources than the setting up of a traditional fashion business. However, the results are truly rewarding. Allvar is today proud to be the first brand of textile products with a certain origin in the Swedish forests. 


The trees originate in the Ångermanland province in the northern part of Sweden where they have been growing for up to a hundred years. They are from FSC certified forests, and thus managed according to the highest international sustainability standards.

Timber from these forests are sent to the biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker by the forest company Holmen. Most of the trees selected are those too weak to be used as construction timber. In the biorefinery, the wood is separated into its different parts: ethanol, resin, lignin and cellulose. There is no wastage, and Allvar underwear are made from the cellulose.